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Join Our Team!

Our customers enjoy cycling more, reach fitness goals sooner and get honest value for their hard-earned dollars because of the work we do. Would you like to join us?

*Sales associate; (full and part time)
Job Description:
First thing you need to know: this isn’t a typical retail gig. As a Trek Sales Associate, you’ll be on the frontlines helping people have fun by riding bikes. You’ll get to learn about some of the smartest products in the cycling industry, make thoughtful recommendations to your customers, and carry on meaningful relationships with riders in your community.

The pace is fast, the customers are curious, and having an all-for-one, customer-centric team mentality is huge. We value hospitality skills first, and we’d rather hire someone who’s eager to learn than someone who thinks they know it all. If you’re already a bike expert, that’s awesome. If not, we’ll train you. The key is that you know how to treat customers, evaluate their needs, and exceed their expectations.

*Bicycle Mechanic (full time)
Job Description:
As a Trek Production Technician, no one day is the same as the last. This job is all about keeping bikes running flawlessly and building relationships so their owners love riding them. We are looking for a skilled technician .This Technician role focuses on repairing bikes quickly and consistently, while keeping accuracy and quality a top priority. The team and our customers will be trusting you with the most complex repairs. This role requires elevated technical skills as well as communication, leadership, and problem solving.

What You’ll Bring To The Team

A positive, pitch-right-in attitude and motivation to help every customer find what they need
Fantastic hospitality—a warm, approachable manner, great listening skills, and a drive to help in any way you can—even on the toughest, busiest days
Great communication with customers and teammates
A desire to cultivate customer relationships and create your own client base
A commitment to deliver the best possible cycling experience for each customer

We offer flexible hours, competitive benefits and special savings on the products we carry.

If you are interested e-mail us to to set an interview.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!